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Serious bodybuilders will use some kind of anabolic steroids in their routine to improve their looks and to get to the desired chiseled body in a shorter time. When anabolic steroids were first introduced in the 50s and 60s, suddenly bodybuilders and professional athletes could grow their muscles at a higher rate. Of course, this did not come without any side effects. Bodybuilders and doctors were learning about these side effects, and they could counterattack them or detect them before it was too late. In the 70s, a new hormone could be artificially produced, and it was used mainly in person that could not synthetize this hormone in the body – growth hormone or somatotropin. Growth hormone gives a different look to bodybuilders. If anabolic steroids increase the muscle mass and size, growth hormone offers a more chiseled muscle development. Growth hormone has been criticized by many gym goers, and some of the critic is justified because growth hormone can have serious side effects.
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