18 January 2019: Global Commercial Aircraft Battery Market is anticipated to show a robust growth in the forthcoming years due to rising applications and scope across the globe. Commercial aircraft battery is a type of power source that is generally located in the equipment bay at the front. The commercial aircraft sectors are making the most extensive usage of these batteries. It has been observed that the market is currently undergoing a significant trend of substitution of lithium battery technologies. It helps in maintaining the refueling functions and handling the power braking systems whenever the particular aircraft is hauled.  Moreover, it plays a major role in assisting the functioning of electrical power equipment in the situations of a power failure. The manufacturers are advancing the product with the help of nanotechnology in order to raise the operation and performance level of the batteries. The market is gaining huge recognition across the globe due to rising applications and prerequisites.


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The factors that are acting as major boosters to the Commercial Aircraft Battery market growth may include rise in the industrialization, urbanization, economic development, augmented demands by the commercial aircraft and aviation sector, product differentiation, constant innovations, rise in the awareness among the end users, increase in the production, rise in the employment of Li-ion batteries, and mounting investments by the leading manufacturers. The challenges that the Commercial Aircraft Battery market is facing may include thermal runaway confrontations linked with Li-on batteries, probability of malfunctioning, and rise in the risks of fire incidents and aircrafts accidents.

Commercial Aircraft Battery Market is classified by battery chemistry as Lithium-Based, Lead Acid Batteries, Nickel-Based, and others. Among all the battery chemistries, it has been noticed that the Lithium-Based sector is currently holding a significant share in the market, due to its durability feature, effective functioning, low maintenance requirement, and high fuel efficiency. Commercial Aircraft Battery Industry is segregated by geographical region as North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and India. Among all the geographical regions, Asia Pacific is currently been considered as the dominant region in the market and is accounting for a significant share in the market. It is anticipated that the region will go on growing with the same pace until next few years.

The factors that can be attributed to the particular regions growth may include rise in the number of aircrafts in the particular region, innovations, burgeoning demands, easy availability of the product at much lower prices, and rise in the focus on the manufacturing of aircraft batteries by the government authorities. Countries including South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and China have been deemed as the major contributors to the market growth. On the other hand, North America and Europe are also showing a robust growth due to rising market growth opportunities in these regions. The key players operating in the Commercial Aircraft Battery Market are recognized as Cella Energy, Saft, Aerolithium Batteries, Gill Battery, Sion Power, HBL Power Systems, EaglePitcher, Tadiran Batteries, True Blue Power, GS Yuasa, and Concorde Battery.


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