Filipina women faced the combined threats of rape, kidnap, torture, and murder, but yet joined the resistance war against the Imperial Japanese Army during the Pacific Asia War.
In Pinay Guerrilleras: The Unsung Heroics of Filipina Resistance Fighters During the Pacific War (Pacific Atrocities Education: January 25th, 2019), Stacey Salinas, author of Philippines’ Resistance: The Last Allied Stronghold in the Pacific, thoroughly covered Filipina guerrilla history during World War 2.
In order to understand the complex issues that Filipina guerrillas faced during and after the war, Stacey interviewed war survivors, collected primary documents, and examined the contribution of Filipina women to the Pacific Asia War. This required knowledge of historiographies of various fields, including WWII, women’s, American, Asian American, immigration, and Philippines history.
The Japanese Occupation of the Philippine Islands: Pinays Answering the Call to Arms
The Hearts of the Huk: The Fierce Heneralas and Kumanders of the Hukbalahap Guerrillas
The Glamorous Guerrilleras: Amazons of the Pacific Theater
Filipina American Veterans: Recovering the Extraordinary Feats of the Ordinary Pinays
The Legacy of the Asian Woman Soldier

The Pinay Guerrilleras is a must-read for policymakers, educators, gender studies researchers, historians, and activists who are interested in discovering a largely overlooked part of world history.
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