It’s the day you have been waiting for, we have started the registration for the world’s first commodity trading platform. However, it is important for you to know why we are an important entity. There exist a lot of challenges that don’t let organisations take complete control over the commodities trading.

Problems in the commodity Market:

The commodity market faces a lot of challenges and one of the major is the difficult process of working with traditional commodity exchange It makes it arduous to book a trade and receive the commodity. The process includes a lot of hacks and threats.

The market has to contend with the long-term decline and short-term volatility. The long-term decline in real prices reflects in the productivity and production to grow faster. The volatility impacts the production of commodities. These problems are heightened by the market distortions, tariffs, and subsidies.

In a nutshell, the challenges faced are:

>Legal challenges.
>Regulatory challenges.
>Infrastructural challenges.
>Lack of awareness.

Keeping in mind the above challenges, New Zone has come up with solutions to overcome the above. By building a new digitized exchange platform, New Zone Trading Platform permits the exchange of commodities using fiat and virtual currencies. New Zone’s platform provides secure transactions with the help of escrow services.
This facilitates individuals to buy or sell commodities with the help of the most popular payment methods for fiat currencies. Initially, more than 10 cryptocurrencies will be available for exchange including Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins.

Team and Tokens!

Being the World’s first Commodity Trader with Blockchain technology is something we are really proud of. We are a passionate bunch of professionals aiming to create a seamless platform. This platform will enable our clients to trade in large volumes of commodities with the help of our secured blockchain and use our tokens.

Once you get hold of our tokens(It’s ERC20)

>Pre-Sale Offer 10%
>You will get different tokens for different Commodities (Eg. Nz.Gold, Nz.Silver etc)
>We will provide White Label options for trading in other countries

New Zone Tokens will be given during the ICO period and we’ll raise funds to create the platform. Our aim is to simply create a platform that provides a frictionless transition of the high and mighty commodity to be dealt with intangible cryptocurrencies. We have begun our registration and we invite you to be a part of this journey.